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Ramp ‘N’ Rize’s classes bring unique new methods to our flagship studio in Sewickley - with two signature classes designed to test your physical limits, while building strength and endurance with state-of-the-art highly evolved equipment.

Take advantage of a complementary first class and find out yourself just how effective our methods are!

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A 40-minute high-intensity, low-impact, resistance based full body class, featuring the innovative TransformerPro machine. Each machine is integrated with cutting-edge technology that mechanically lifts the TransformerPro to different incline levels. The Ramp allows increased resistance and maximum exertion. All muscle groups are worked to fatigue to achieve maximum definition. In just 40 minutes, our inspiring instructors will motivate and encourage you to RAMP UP and achieve your fitness goals. Get ready for a sweat-drenched session that burns fat, builds muscle, and will fire up your metabolism for hours.

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A 30-minute high-intensity, low-impact, resistance based class, featuring the most innovative vertical climbing machine to hit the market, the Power Tower - the only vertical climbing machine that incorporates a strength component. In just 30 minutes, our inspiring instructors will motivate and encourage you to RIZE UP and achieve your fitness goals. This class is a boredom busting, music pumping, sweat drenched session where you will work every muscle in your body simultaneously while building strength and increasing endurance.

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