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Alba Tull, Ryan Shazier debut fitness facility in Sewickley

Alba Tull, Ryan Shazier debut fitness facility in Sewickley

Innovative fitness studio Ramp ‘N’ Rize opened its doors in Sewickley on May 4, as owners rolled out the black carpet for a private gathering to showcase the new facility.

The studio, developed by Alba Tull, boasts state-of-the-art equipment, top-notch instructors who have trained for months under guru master trainer Joy Johnson, and an individualized experience to be offered through group workouts and personal training sessions, Tull said.

“It’s a customized, individual experience for everybody — a boutique-like studio — where everybody feels like they mean something instead of being lost in a big gym.”

Tull, wife of billionaire Thomas Tull who is part owner of the Steelers, was joined by the team’s linebacker and Ramp ‘N’ Rize shareholder Ryan Shazier and Johnson, who will serve as the facility’s head trainer and regional manager, to cut the ceremonial ribbon at the facility.

Sewickley Mayor Brian Jeffe declared it “Ramp ‘N’ Rize Day” in the community and offered a proclamation in support of the fitness center’s opening.

“I’m very excited. It’s a dream come true,” Tull said.

Tull, who recently relocated from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh, serves as CEO of Tull Investment Group, chairs the Tull Family Foundation and serves on various boards both locally and abroad.

She selected Sewickley, her new home, as the flagship location for Ramp ‘N’ Rize, she said, because she wants to be part of the community she “fell in love with.”

“What better way than to do what I love right in my own new town?” she said.

Fresh off of his Friday night wedding, Shazier said it was important for him to be at Ramp ‘N’ Rize’s opening the next day. Along with being a shareholder in the fitness studio, he also is close friends with the Tull Family, who he said attended his wedding.

“We always had a really close relationship, and they’ve always been supportive of me and the community. I definitely wanted to be involved,” he said.

His new wife couldn’t make it to the opening of Ramp ‘N’ Rize, as the couple had about 40 family members still at their house on Saturday, Shazier said.

Shazier echoed Tull’s sentiments that Sewickley is a great place to debut Ramp ‘N’ Rize.

“The people in Sewickley, I feel like, they definitely want to stay constant in their health and they definitely want to grow when it comes to working out. I think it’s a great place to start out,” he said.

Ramp ‘N’ Rize will feature low-impact, data-driven workouts for full body conditioning. Classes will include RAMPED40, a 40-minute workout combining strength, endurance, core, cardio, balance and flexibility utilizing the Transformer Pro, and RIZE30, a 30-minute concentrated class utilizing the Power Tower.

The studio will officially open to the public in the next two weeks.

Johnson, a Lagree master trainer who has more than 20,000 hours of personal training experience, and has worked with A-List Hollywood celebrities, as well as NFL and MLB players.

She relocated to the area to oversee the studio, Tull said.

[SOURCE: Sewickley Herald]