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We love our clients at Ramp N Rize, and we want to share stories about our clients’ experiences and what motivates them to keep an active lifestyle.

Meet Brad Busatto:

Brad started working out at Ramp N Rize about five months ago after a decade-long hiatus.

“One day I was looking in the mirror and realized I recognized a little more than my eyes.”

Brad has lost 40 lbs since starting at Ramp N Rize and changing his diet. As an avid golfer and wake surfer, the workouts have improved his strength and balance for those activities. And he’s excited to ski this winter after creating such improvement elsewhere.

The atmosphere of a studio is key whenever working out.

“The group atmosphere, lights, music, and motivational words of the trainers all help to motivate me,” Brad said.

Brad’s initial appeal to Ramp N Rize workouts was the brevity of the classes. His favorite thing is the amazing amount of the variety both of the classes offer.

“The instructors all have unique styles that are great in their own ways,” Brad said.

What are Brad’s tips for working out again?

  • Be realistic with your expectations early on, and get through the first couple of weeks.
  • Stay focused on the positive.