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group fitness isn’t just exclusive to women

group fitness isn’t just exclusive to women


This week we are celebrating the accomplishments of the men at Ramp N Rize who have attended 100+ classes. This is also a great way to show that group fitness isn’t just exclusive to women, it’s an inclusive community for any person. The instructors at Ramp N Rize bring out the best of everyone’s ability to stay motivated and become stronger. Read what some of the men at Ramp N Rize have to say about their experiences here.

Scott Kahler

“I really enjoy the instructors at Ramp N Rize, they make the atmosphere fun and are able to provide an amazing workout for all ability levels. The RIZE30 classes give you a great cardio workout that is low impact on your joints. The RAMP40 classes are great for strength training that is resistance based, so it requires a lot of core stabilization.”

Paul Fullerton

“I joined Ramp N Rize when it first opened and really enjoy the challenging and diverse workouts if you consider the focus on strength, core, cardio, and flexibility. What really stands out, however, are the quality of instructors who motivate you each and every class to go a little beyond what you think you can achieve. Really enjoy the positive environment and great results!”

Brad Busatto

“The combination of the two classes helps to build strength, balance, and endurance. Even with the relative short duration of each class my metabolic rate changed dramatically, and I quickly saw and felt results.”

Carlos Martinez

“Ramp N Rize is the first group fitness studio I’ve ever had the pleasure to partake in prior to just going to the gym and ‘working out.’ The trainers and studio ambiance is always more than welcoming! I cannot thank the trainers enough for pushing, as well as motivating me to work hard through the positive energy/workouts created within each group session. What I truly love about RNR group sessions is the significant diversity in each trainers teaching styles, and the sense of community the studio provides; which keeps me coming back. Working out in a group class has also allowed me to experience the power/energy that can be created when all individuals in a room are working hard toward accomplishing their fitness goals. I challenge anyone to take a RAMP40 or RIZE30 class, and tell me that was not one of the best motivating, core tightening, leg strengthening, and whole body engaging class they’ve endured.”

Charaka Kithulegoda

“The main difference for me was that I was never a fan of strength training or stretching and was always cardio focused in my training. I have found the Ramp classes to be the biggest surprise as I now enjoy the strength training aspect of it and have gained a lot of flexibility.”

Jason Weisser

“Being a parent, it can be difficult getting consistent exercise. When I did, I never felt like I got the most out of it. Maybe you neglect a particular muscle group/exercise, or you just don’t push yourself as hard as you could.

At RnR, the classes give me a difficult and well-structured workout in 30-40 minutes, which gives me time to do more with the rest of my day. No two workouts are the same, and the instructors are great at pushing you outside your comfort zone, which keeps things fresh.”

Robert Mowery

Ramp N Rize has provided a highly positive environment coupled with state of the art equipment and dynamic instructors that want everyone to succeed. When you work out with the other motivated people, see them improving as well, you get uplifted and encouraged to do your best.

Group fitness aspect at RnR has been a great way to find motivation and accountability, while working with trainers who can provide assistance with form and help you get results in a shorter time frame. It’s also great to see how much others have improved their strength and health.”