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PILATES FOR DUDES? NOPE, IT’S RAMP40– We dare you to try it.

PILATES FOR DUDES? NOPE, IT’S RAMP40– We dare you to try it.

PILATES FOR DUDES? NOPE, IT’S RAMP40– We dare you to try it.

Men. Dudes. Brahs. Guys. Whatever category you fall into, you’ve probably seen or heard the word Pilates and thought, “No way, man, that’s for chicks.” See that guy up there in the picture? Still, think it’s for ladies? The RnR method workout is based on the foundation of strength training, time-under tension and is about as manly a workout as you can get (no offense to the ladies – you’re super badass if you do Ramp40). Knowledge is power, so we want to fill you in a bit in case you have any reservations before coming in for your first class…


Ramp40 was based on the principles of Pilates but is not Pilates. We do not say that to slight Pilates, as it is a great workout, it is just not what we do. The TransformerPro was designed to be more guy-friendly, it is larger, has way more options, and offers spring resistance of up to 250lbs.


It’ll put hair on your chest. It’s 40 minutes of heart-pumping, sweat-dripping, muscle-trembling, hurts-so-good pain. When asked why guys should cross-train their weight lifting and endurance workouts with Ramp40, the answer is always the same, the method can “increase endurance and stamina,” plus, “The slow-twitch muscle fibers (the focus of Ramp40) act like cement or a foundation for proper muscle development of all muscular types.” Ramp40 clients work their stabilizing muscles (slow-twitch), which are what make the muscle gain so noticeable; Slow-twitch muscles take less time to recover than fast-twitch muscles, and, with less time to recover, a client can stay solid, consistent and more effective in their regimen. Plus, when clients build stronger core stabilizers, that strength translates into all other workouts. To simplify the science, “If you like to run, you will run faster and longer by incorporating Ramp40 in your training routine; If you like to lift weights, you will lift more weight with more explosion.” Our classes are athletic, fast-paced and intense. Since Ramp40 is tension-based, there is little to no impact on the joints, yet regular clients still experience the same muscle gain benefits that men train for in higher impact workouts like weight lifting.

This workout is so well rounded and hits every muscle group in your body, not just in the whole workout but in almost every exercise. You’re using muscles that you don’t usually get to in other workouts or gyms. Every class is different, but we guarantee that in each 40-minute class, every muscle group will be screaming at you. And the next day, and probably the day after that too.


But you will most definitely get more flexible. One of the biggest things we hear from men when they begin is, “I can’t do it; I’m not flexible.” Flexibility is not a requirement for this workout, but you will most certainly become more flexible over time. The nature of the machine aids in stretching out your muscles at the same time that it is strengthening them. Over time your range of motion and flexibility increases in exercises that you felt impossible when you began.


SLOWER IS BETTER. We have up to 250 lbs of spring-loaded resistance available on the TransformerPro. If you use too much momentum, you are just cheating yourself from a really great workout. Your coach will show you how the machine works before class, but do not try to outsmart your instructor when it comes to your spring load. Sometimes less is more, and often times when people are trying to make something harder, they, in turn, make it 100 times easier and vice versa. Talk to us, and let us know what you need once you have tried the recommended spring load. We do not always assume that because you are a male that you will need the harder option because often times gravity + your own bodyweight will be just what is needed. If you listen up, we are constantly teaching you how to make a move more effective.


If you are ready to try a workout that has most men saying, “Whoa, that was harder than I expected,” sign up for your first FREE Ramp40 class today. Just do it, you won’t regret it!

Oh and don’t worry….

There’s no dancing, choreography, or tights required here – the only things you’ll need is the

TransformerPro, grip socks and a towel for your sweat. Pretty Simple!