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Slow Movements, Fast Results

Slow Movements, Fast Results

Why do we move slow during Ramp40?

In order to build strong, dense and defined muscles mass you have to make sure you’re keeping constant tension on the muscles while you are working it. When you are doing it “right” SLOW, you’ll use the muscle for 100% of the movement. It also targets your slow-twitch muscle fibers, which are scientifically proven to burn more fat and are used for endurance activities, improving their capacity for burning energy.

So what happens if you speed up? You’ll start to use momentum. This taps into your fast twitch muscle fibers, which work explosively to generate force and are naturally thicker. Fast-twitch muscle fibers also fatigue quickly-so, better save those for shorter workouts like Rize30. In a Ramp40 class, each movement is conducted at a pace that works the eccentric muscle contraction (the lengthening motion) for four-seconds and the concentric muscle (the shortening motion) for four-seconds, with zero rest.

Continuous tension and constant engagement of your muscles will result in maximum exertion and keep your heart rate elevated for hours. Slow pace offers up fast results at Ramp ‘N’ Rize.