Christina Pollock

Christina Pollock is a wife and mother of a son, Alex, residing in Sewickley. Christina is a fitness enthusiast who has an extensive background in developing and launching global fitness apparel brands. Fitness is an integral part of Christina’s life. From a young age, Christina learned discipline from dancing classical ballet. She believes that health is wealth and fitness is a lifestyle. Ramp n Rize classes have helped Christina to reach her fitness goals. She loves instructing and being a student within the Ramp n Rize community! In her free time, Christina is passionate about nutrition and healthy cooking, fashion and design, travel, yoga, skiing, playing sports with her son and husband, and attending the ballet. RnR is…. An incredible community of dedicated athletes looking to get stronger and have fun while doing it. Fav RAMP move… The Spoon with tricep dip Fav day-off activity… Playing sports with her husband and son Fav Quote… “It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfor