Liz Law

LIZ LAW-LEAD TRAINER My other job is teaching and tutoring Spanish which I’ve done for 23 years in Sewickley. I love music, I read to stay current on the events of the world and love to ski when I can get out west to visit my family. Me and my husband, Tim, have two kids, Nick and Morgan who live in Shanghai, China and Portland, OR. We travel to see them as often as possible. RnR is…. My favorite place to workout Fav RAMP move… I can’t choose just one. I love them all. Fav day-off activity… When I’m not teaching Spanish or @ RnR I take RnR classes, travel, bake, read and spend time with friends. Fav Quote… Find yourself, and be that. Song that best describes you…I am a compilation of a thousand different songs. No one song describes me.